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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject [ANN] Xalan-J 1.x compatibility code being removed soon!
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2002 03:50:11 GMT
This is a heads up to any Xalan-J 1.x compatibility code users who rely
on the current xml-xalan CVS tree.  We plan to stop building this code
in our build scripts within the week, and would like to remove the code
from CVS as soon as possible.  Please update ASAP any automated builds
to either use the newer JAXP/TRaX interfaces that Xalan-J 2.x supports
natively, or to refer to one of our previously-shipped Xalan-J 1.x

Our 1.x compatibility layer has been deprecated for quite a while, so
hopefully this isn't too much of a surprise!  Most users should have
either already updated to use JAXP/TRaX, or should plan on staying on
our 1.2.2 build with no 'official' support.

We need to stop building the compatibility code in our default build
scripts so that we can checkin the Xerces 2.x parser (which the compat
code won't work with).  Hopefully I can work with Mr. Gump at the same
time to make sure that our gump dependencies get updated at the same

References: find the last official posted
Xalan-J 1.x build,

http:/// nightly gump builds and project

Followup-to please.  Feel free to forward to
specific projects outside of Apache that might rely on either the Gump
nightly builds or the presence of the Xalan-J 1.x compatibility code in
the current xml-xalan CVS tree.

- Shane

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