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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: building myrmidon
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2002 00:42:24 GMT
On Sun, 13 Jan 2002 11:09, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> Peter,
> As you'll see from my commit message and the changes in CVS, I made a
> simple proof-of-concept addition to myrmidon to demonstrate the use of
> XDoclet.  It should be harmless to the main build.


Actually I may move the target up a bit in build file so it doesn't mess up 
my key sequence in IDEA ;)

> Run 'ant xdoclet' and after waiting a little while (yeah, an <uptodate> is
> needed when integrated into a main build process).  

Holly crap is xdoclet slow !! We will definetly need to fix that before we 
convert everything to using it. It seems much slower than standard javadoc so 
I believe it is something we can fix.

> Then look at
> build/core-ant-descriptor.xml.


> Its currently not working perfectly, as it misses two classes that extend
> AbstractContainerTask rather than AbstractTask directly - I'm not sure if
> the problem is on my template or <xdoclet>/<template> usage or perhaps an
> XDoclet bug. It should pick up all classes that extend from AbstractTask.

oh ok ;(

> Thoughts?  Seem like a decent way to embed the metadata into the Java files
> and generate the other artifacts?

+100000 and then some ;)

Aswell as integrating metadata I would love to see the manual/docs/taskX.html 
go away and be automagically generated from docs in the java files. So we 
could add class documentation == user documentation and so forth.

One thing we need to be careful of is that the same "data item" can either be 
gotten from a element or an attribute. So you could specify classpath as an 
attribute or as a nested element. So instead of documenting both the setter 
and the adder we could instead document the instance variable (ie attribute 
we use to store it) and have xdoclet directives that tell you where to pick 
up the "real" documentation and stuff. Thoughts?

> I still get compile errors, but I see you are moving stuff around a bit so
> I'll wait before reporting them again.

It is proably because you have files in ant/lib I don't have. Just tell me 
which ones don't build and usually I can fix them easily enough. I have fixed 
the ftp/telnet compilation problems tell me if you have anymore.



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