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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Helping with Ant 2
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2002 22:36:39 GMT

On Sun, 13 Jan 2002 01:54, wrote:
> I'm looking to get involved in the development of Ant 2.  I've read through
> the documents that I was able to find in the CVS repos and on the web site
> and I'm trying to decide where to concentrate my next efforts.  Maybe one
> of the items on Action List for v1.9 (put together by Peter Donald)? 
> However, I'm a little confused as to how the Ant 2 development is going to
> take place.

Well there is two main ways to go forth to ant2 - one is to experiment adding 
new features into Ant1.x and one is to experiment with new features on a new 

However because the ant1.x tree is considered stable we can't afford to 
experiment with that directly. So we can experiment in a new tree to ad 
different things and see how they work out. 

The advantage of basing your work on 1.x is that if your experiments work out 
then the code can be reintegrated into production ant faster. The 
disadvantage is that you have to live by all the rules of ant1.x

> Will it be a complete rewrite or will it use the current Ant as a base?

Ant2 will be a complete rewrite of the "container" part but most of the tasks 
will migrated across with modifications. Some tasks will be replaced by new 
tasks and so forth. Eventually we will also have some sort of compatability 
layer so that we can run ant1 tasks in ant2.

> While there is a 1.9 action list, there is also mention that: "Several
> people are working on prototypes (that can be found in Ant's CVS module in
> the proposals directory)".  This particular directory contains several
> items with interesting names (Antfarm, Anteater, etc.), but no indication
> of what each one is.

The only Ant2 proposal under active development currently is myrmidon. It 
contains the whole set of tasks in ant1.x (the majority don't work yet) and 
they are gradually being moved to work with myrmidon.  

I think all the rest are also ant2 proposals except for sandbox which is a 
place to experiment with ant1.x tasks.

> So, where's a good starting point?  Which is a good
> code base to work out of?  

It really depends on what you want to work on. Do you want to get it 
integrated int ant1.x or do you want to be free to experiment? Is there 
anything in particular interests you? 

Eriks experimenting with integrating XDoclet into ant and that may be 
something you would be interested in? It would allow you to work with both 
ant1.x and ant2 simultaneously because it is mainly defining tags and using 
that to generate some form of documentation.

Myrmidon is still under heavy change and propobably will be for a few more 
weeks but after that it should be easy enough to have a bash at that. Though 
if you feel adventurous feel free to have a look at it now - the basic 
architecture will remain consistent but the ant1.x tasks are still being 
upgraded to work with it.

Anyways if there is nothing on the actionlist that interests you then I could 
probabl come up with another list of things to work on in in myrmidon at 
least ;)



   "Don't play dumb with me. 
I happen to be an expert at that" 
           - Maxwell Smart

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