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From Peter Donald <>
Subject AUT / Ant Utility Toolkit
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2002 06:10:17 GMT

I just created a new package hierarchy org.apache.aut* in which I was going 
to place sanitized code that is not directly tied to ant. For instance a lot 
of the infrastructure would be very useful in contexts outside ant. Examples 
would be a clean API for 

+ native executable launching
+ getting native OS environment variables
+ getting native OS data
+ javac functionality (mainly used in recompiling frameworks like 

Anyways I have just started to move stuff there. My first move was the native 
execution stuff. The way I designed it was that you essentially create an 
instance of ExecMetaData filled with all the parameters you want to use to 
launch executable and then you pass this to ExecManager which does all the 
work. I have also moved th Os class and created an Environment class to load 
native environment.

Theres still a few holes or dependencies on original ant stuff but I am 
starting to like the look of it overall. I would be interested to hear any 
opinions on the construction of it. Basically I tried to minimize the amount 
of work user will have to do (ie see ExecOutputStream and compare with the 
old method).

Anyways this is just the start. Theoretically it could even be reintegrated 
back into Ant1.x - but you would need to create a new instance of 
ExecOutputStream that played better with ants current logging infrastructure.

* yes aut package was previously used for Avalon Utility Toolkit and before 
that Apache Toolkit but no code was released under that package name



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