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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject RE: IntrospectionHelper request
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 11:57:03 GMT
 --- Adam Murdoch <> wrote: > 
> > From: Jose Alberto Fernandez
> > As for clashes, there are several things that need
> to be done:
> > 
> > 1) Buildfiles should execute on a stable
> environment i.e., no auto-install
> > but all libraries (appart from core) should be
> declared on the buildfile.
> > 
> This doesn't really solve the problem, just makes it
> less likely to happen.  Which just makes having to
> declare stuff an inconvenience.  The real solution
> is 2) and 3) below.

The importance of (1) is that it allows you to make
sure your buildfile will work no matter what the
developer has installed in the machine. 
Remember buildfiles are a share resource for all the
developers in the project, it has to work correctly as
long as any required tasklib is available and even if
a developer has additional tasklibs for other

> Perhaps a good compromise would be no auto-install
> and an <import-all/> task.

On a tipical buildfile, how many different tasklibs do
you think people will be using? 1, 2, 100? I bet the
number will be in the low range for most cases.
And if not, you can always import or include the file
containing the declarations. I do not see people
screeming about imports in Java.

> > 2) The container should detect clashes by looking
> at all possible 
> > role registries
> > that may apply. This can be done quite
> efficiently.
> > 
> Definitely a good thing - the container should bail
> on a clash.
> > 3) A clash resolution mechanism should be
> provided, posibly using 
> > aspects to
> > indicate the expected role to be used in a
> particular occurrance.
> Its really up to the user (build file writer) to
> sort out the ambiguity.  There's not much Ant
> (configurer, aspect, or otherwise) can do except try
> to guess.

OK, I may be using the term aspect wrongly. What I
meant was that the user could write something like
this to solve the conflict:

   <b ant:role="task" />

'ant:role' is not an attribute for the task, but for
the confgurator to know how to resolve the conflict.
I thought this is a use of aspect, the same way we
have discussed how to deal with failonerror (i.e.,

Jose Alberto

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