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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: IntrospectionHelper request
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 13:26:25 GMT
On Fri, 11 Jan 2002 00:14, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> I'll have to ponder the container needing to do the lookup rather than the
> task since the method of lookup desired may be different between tasks....
> some might want JNDI lookup, and others via properties files.  Your
> proposed container would allow for this extensibility?

If you really wanted - but why on earth would wou want something like that? 
See discussions on role vs type in other thread.

> But how long are we going to be using Ant 1.x? 

untill we are not.

> When will Ant2 (1.9?) be
> released?  Why should <ejbjar>/XDoclet, and others have to live in agony
> until then when my patch alleviates it until the new architecture is
> released?

preferably. That would maybe motivate some other committers or develoeprs to 
help with Ant2 ...

> It doesn't break backwards compatibility and only will enhance new tasks
> that desire to take advantage of it, not hurt older tasks. 

that could be said of many a feature.

> Isn't it
> detrimental to Ant's progress to not allow extensibility within our current
> architecture just because its not perfect and needs overhauling in the
> future?

didn't you agree a bit back that we shouldn't be adding cruft to ant we know 
is wrong and we wont be suporting in the future? What has changed your mind?

>  I realize that Ant2's (1.9?) architecture is dramatically
> different and the best route from here to there is to gut it and start from
> scratch in a lot of areas, but why restrict Ant1.x's progress just because
> something better is in the works?

see above. 

> I assume we'll have an Ant 1.5 release in the near future.  With this kind
> of extensibility capability it could perhaps extend Ant 1.5's lifespan and
> reduce the number of Ant 1.x releases we need to get to Ant2 - and we as
> committers could devote more attention to the new architecture.

thats one way of looking at it. Very few people are actually willing to put 
in the work to create Ant2 as far as I can tell. Adding more and more things 
onto ant1.x just raises the difficulty of actually getting an ant2 

> > > Seem reasonable?
> >
> > no ;)
> *arg*  :))   *shrug* - I don't get it.  *sigh*
> Are you -1'ing my enhancement?  Or just -0?  I've given my best examples of
> use-cases, so time for a decision I suppose.  :))

Still -1 sorry - ;)

pretty much for the same reasons I -1'ed it last time.



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