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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: XSL Tasks
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2002 03:27:25 GMT
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From: "Bob Lee" <>

> Specifically, I'm just working on some interface extensions.
> The current interface is geared towards transforming a directory of XML
> content.
> I'm making ant targets for my currrent project that use XSL stylesheets to
> generate code and descriptors for entity beans off of a single XML file.

So you're process runs a single XML file through several XSL

You could, alternatively, use <apply> to accomplish this already probably.
It certainly isn't the ideal solution, but thought I'd mention it.

> Combining this functionality into the build script rather than having a
> separate program or script has proven to be clean, convenient, and
> intuitive, and the XSLTProcess task is an integral component, however the
> current interface isn't exactly condusive to this type of application.

There certainly is room for more XML/XSL type functionality, either as
separate tasks or integrated into <style> if suitable.

> Off the subject, do you think XSLTransform would be more accurate and
> intuitive label for this task?

+0 - doesn't matter to me... its mapped to <style> and thats how I see it
mostly. But certainly naming conventions of our tasks needs to be intuitive
and clear.  (I think all our tasks should be named *, at least -
and named close to what its default XML element name is).

By the way, have you given any thought to using Torque/Velocity for your
code generation process?  Its already got an XML driven engine, Ant tasks,
and customizable Velocity templates to generate code - and should be easily
tweakable to generate EJB (*ick*) code.


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