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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Ant2 codebase adoption process
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2002 10:51:18 GMT
From: "Peter Donald" <>

> However if there is something you want to do that will improve ant1.x (and
> ant2) then I have got a suggestion. It would be a really really really
> good thing to have the documentation for the tasks generated from the
> themselves.

Agreed and this is something I've contemplated and will start implementing
this at some point if no one beats me to it.

> * a set of tags defined for tasks that help with generation of
> You would have to be able to mark method for elements and attributes and I
> guess inherit elements/setters from base classes. I guess you would also
> to have some escape tag that saids "This is developer mumbo jumbo - don't
> in user docs".

Using the custom tags you won't need any 'escape tag', we'll just pluck out
our custom tags for inclusion in the documentation.

> * an ant1.x task that makes running the xdoclet faster and easier. So
> of
> <javadoc ...
>  <doclet ... />
> </javadoc>
> you could just go
> <xdoclet ..../>

XDoclet doesn't use <javadoc> (the builtin Ant task), it uses its own custom
Ant task.  There are actually a few custom Ant tasks in the XDoclet API.

I forwarded your message on over to the head XDoclet guy and the stuff in
quotes is from him:

"That's what we do but I guess he meant not using javadoc at all. That's
not possible, yet. We have to launch javadoc, and javadoc loads all
classes and parses them, creates a tree of class descriptions and then
we start working on it. We're working on our doclet api which will
replace sun's doclet api. Hopefully we can optimize it because xdoclet
does not need all the features sun's doclet api provides, and we can
make it in-process. Just wait a little more...." [There is a codebase
already in progress called xjavadoc, under the XDoclet's CVS]

> And it would also do things like checking if the files have changed or not
> and only rerunning ig they have changed since last run.

"We do it. But it's done after javadoc load classes. I'll try to find a
way to do it before javadoc runs :o)

OK, I'll make it my priority number one :o)
You just go on and I'll make it faster."

Once I start digging into this with the Ant 1.x documentation, I'll work on
the XDoclet codebase to add optimizations if they haven't gotten to it

> One of the reasons I haven't got around to enabling all of myrmidon to use
> xdoclet for all its descriptor needs is because it is a bit slow ;)

Maybe we could speed it up by using <uptodate>?  This would probably mean
separating out the filesets it operates on for each XML file it generates,
but this might not work too well if the entire codebase has to be inspected
for each XML file.

> So both of these things would greatly help both ant1.x and ant2. So feel
> to have a go. If you need experimentation space feel free to create a new
> in proposal/xdoclet or something. Anyhow anything you could do towards
> would be fantastic :)

And perhaps you could work with the XDoclet team to be sure myrmidon really
handles their needs nicely!  :)


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