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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: building myrmidon
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2002 03:25:33 GMT
From: "Adam Murdoch" <>

> One comment, though.  Clearly, it would be useful to enforce 
> min multiplicity as well.  We probably don't want to use the 
> method name to infer that (setRequiredX() and 
> addRequiredX() - yuck); 

:-)  I agree.  Having addReqd/setReqd is not elegant.

> this would be better done in a type 
> descriptor (say).  But then you (the task writer) have to use 
> one way (method name) to specify max multiplicity and a 
> completely different way (type descriptor) to specify min 
> multiplicity.  Should we care about this?  Maybe we stick 
> with setter and adder until type descriptors become a reality 
> (though that very cool Xdoclet stuff makes it look like not being 
> too far away).

As I had pointed out earlier, meta data usage to mark a
setter as optional or required may not be the best way to
do it because sometimes, one attribute may be mandatory
depending upon another attribute not being set, etc.  In other
words, task writer may have to write code to check
if an attribute is mandatory or not.

So, what I had suggested earlier was this:
After having called all the set methods, the container
would call isXOptional() methods before invoking
execute().  Thoughts?

> Adam

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