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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] zip/jar improvements * 2
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 00:08:58 GMT
From: "Brian Deitte" <>

> I also used "cvs diff" for the patches this time.

"cvs diff -u" is the preferred method.

> -don't add duplicate entries when adding multiple filesets

Is it possible to make this configurable by letting
the user specify whether the file is to be added
or duplicated with the default option set to duplicated?
This would ensure backwards compatibility as well
as let the user take her pick.

> Jar:
> -mergemanifests attribute to enable merging of fileset manifests
> -mergemainmanifests attribute to toggle merging of main section of
> -if a jar to be merged is specified in the manifest attribute, then this
jar's manifest will be used
> -change line.separator before writing the manifest.  This is to get around
a very annoying bug in the jdk's jar verifier which causes some "\n"-newline
manifests to fail on Windows.
> Also includes doc changes for Zip/Jar.

If you can come up with testcases, it would make
it easier to cross-check stuff.  Turnaround time
to get it committed will also improve.

In your code, I noticed that you have used //
to comment private variables.  Use commenting style
recognized by javadoc instead.  Please also provide
valid javadoc comments for all methods that
you introduce.

> -Brian


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