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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: IntrospectionHelper request
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 00:33:29 GMT
From: "Peter Donald" <>

> So far I haven't actually seen a good use for it. Can you give me a good use 
> case ? The only one provided is directly due to limitations in Ant1.x model. 
> When these limitations are removed there would be no need for DynaTask. So 
> besides the specified case have you got another example ?

The examples I have are things like <ejb-jar> which need to support new elements
as new EJBcontainers are supported, and tasks like <condition> that is suppose to
allow more conditions being defined over time. The curent requirement of modifying
core tasks everytime a new thing is added is totally unacceptable. A simmilar
problem we are having with <javac> everytime we add support for a new compiler.

I have not seen a good solution for this issues. Upto now we are stuck on requiring
changing the core tasks in order for the introspector to work. That should not be

Another example is the fact that it is not possible to write a task using the scripting
facilities that are curent in ANT. What I would like is scripted tasks that are at
the same standing as compiled tasks. In particular in ANT2 I would like for scripts
to have less access to the internal machinery of ANT but more ability to define 
tasks in the same standing as compiled tasks. The curent balance is completely wrong.

> > Will Ant2 allow dynamically defined attributes/elements?  If so, by what
> > mechanism?
> Probably - the mechanism has not really been decided upon I don't think but 
> my preference was to pass the task model/task configuration/hierarchial 
> hashmap/whatever to the task and allow it to configure itself (with help from 
> the container if needed).

Can you be more specific? This says very little. Some days ago someone talked
about letting tasks provide their own introspection (the task itself decides what it
wants to expose) is that what you are taling about? Is it something else?

Jose Alberto

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