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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: IntrospectionHelper request
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 08:40:00 GMT
From: "Peter Donald" <>

> On Tue, 8 Jan 2002 09:20, Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> > This is fine. The only thing I would ask (and notice I have not looked at
> > your code) is whether you plan to use the same mechanism for
> > TaskContainers. There is certaintly no reason whatsoever to have two
> > different mechanisms for what it is exactly the same issue.
> Theres no distinction between TaskContainers and other sorts of containers. 
> However I don't think that a similar mechanism will be used. In the case of 
> TaskContainers et all you are not dealing directly with tasks but with 
> TaskModels - so in this case it would be much more beneficial to have the 
> "container" passed the TaskModel and it can interpret it as appropriate. 
> The mechanism described above is more orientated to adding a concrete 
> implementation of a abstract type rather than adding and possibly 
> implementing tasks according to specified rules and behaviour.
> If you can think of a mechanism that would be easy to support both use cases 
> easily then I am all ears.

Once again you speek in riddles :-)
Maybe I have to spend time on your code, or maybe you could give us an intro
to the design of myrdom(sp?), you have generated way too much code for me
to have the time to digest it.

In any case, when I write a Task that can have elements that are tasks (TaskContainer)
or one that can have mappers, there should be no difference from the task writer point of
view on how to write its set/add methods. Of course it may be that for a TaskContainer
the argument is not ot type Task, but some other thing like a TaskModel that you mention
and I am not sure I understand. But the point is that whtever it is, it should be based
on the same discovery mechanism that you describe for the other <roles>:
"based on the "add" method signature, reverse map to a role and then search on the role's
registry for an entry for the corresponding element".


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