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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: <antlib> (was RE: Ant 1.9 & Task Packaging)
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 07:08:20 GMT
From: "Peter Donald" <>

> On Mon, 28 Jan 2002 08:23, Tim Dawson wrote:
> > That's one positive comment (thanks Jose).
> >
> > Anybody else agree/disagree/care?
> It's already happening to some degree or another ;) Jose's antlib stuff is in 
> the proposal hierarhy. Magesh is playing with selector stuff there aswell, 
> Stephane is doing remote junit stuff and so forth and if thats not enough 
> there is also ant-contrib on sourceforge that apparently has a bunch of 
> experimental C/C++ tasks. 
> Many of these mods can not be dropped into an experimental.jar because they 
> require changes to the core but some can easily enough. So it is up to the 
> people writing the mods whether they want to build the items into something 
> that could be put int an experimental.jar. 
> However personally I think it may be better to release the tasks/pieces 
> independent of ants main release cycle (which is slow) because that way you 
> get faster evolution. The onus is on thwose building the proposal/experiment 
> to do the releasing which is the way it should be IMHO

It would be nice if we can define a vehicle that any (most) proposals can use
for releasing them. If we had an experimental.jar which is released, let say every
fortnight (two weeks) or every month into the binary builds, then we could have those
proposals that want, to integrate into that part of the build.

Now the commitment here, from the part of the committers, is that the type of 
functionality developed by the proposal, must be agreed that should be part
of the core tool offered on ANT. That is after a *successful* experimentation and
evolution, it is accepted that it will merge into the product.

Otherwise, it should not be part of experimental.jar in the first place.

Jose Alberto

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