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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.9 actionlist & Selector API
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 22:56:58 GMT
From: "Tim Dawson" <>

> Some types don't need the "operation" -e.g. permission.  

Operation is not a mandatory attribute.  If omitted,
the PermissionFileSelector may implicitly assume
that the operation is "equals", but I would say that
even in permission, operation would be needed because
I may want to filter based on "not writeable" or 
something like that.

> Some types need more than one "value". What if I want 
> a "between" selector that needs two values? Of course, I 
> could always do a "before" and an "after" but this is the 

As you say, it would take 2 'selectors' added to your <include> 
- one with the before operaiton and the other with the after 
operation.  I don't think having to do this is is necessarily bad - 
you are talking about compound filters which can anyway be 
constructed from simple ones.

> Plus, its not entirely clear to me how I'd add my own 
> FileSelectors using this api. With an implementation based on 
> registering new data types, I could add them simply by pulling 
> in a new antlib that declared that file selector type.

The proposal that I made lets you add your own FileSelectors
to the file.

> From looking at the Mutant design notes, it looks like 
> Conor is supporting it, so he'll have trouble with this as 
> well if there's someone opposed to it. I'd like to hear 
> from whoever -1'ed it, because I don't see the downside.

While I am not terribly fond of using "operation" & "value"
in generic ways, I implemented it this way because that is
what has been accepted by vote for Ant2.  If those who
voted feel like this needs to be re-voted upon, then I will
withdraw my submission and fix it up to what is being
newly recommended.

> Tim


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