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From "Steve Cohen" <>
Subject RE: CVS Problem [was RE: Ant contributor]
Date Tue, 25 Dec 2001 05:04:28 GMT
This is probably an exact description of what happened.  What I failed
to understand was step 3, being a newcomer to CVS.  I had wondered what
all those extra files were - I never looked into them.  They contain all
the synchronization information.  What I am used to is systems like
StarTeam which, if they find a file in the local directory with the same
name as that in the repository, figure it is the same file at possibly
different stages of developement and try to synch them up, by evaluating
the differences, as "Out of Date", "Current" or "Modified", etc.  Star
Team would never say that a local file was unrelated to a file in the
repository with the same name.  I'm not saying that's the right way; in
fact the CVS approach seems to have some real power to it.  But I wasn't
used to it.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for educating me.

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From:	Steve Loughran
Sent:	Mon 12/24/2001 4:54 PM
To:	Ant Developers List
Subject:	Re: CVS Problem [was RE: Ant contributor]
the issue may be

1. you wrote the files and submitted them
3 someone else checked them in
3. when you do a CVS update it sees that you have files of the same
name, so
does not d/l the CVS versions; they are "eclipsed", in clearcase
4. The error message "I know nothing about" is kind of correct, what it
means is "this is not a CVS managed file"


move your versions out the way, do an update, drop your files in, start


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From: "Steve Cohen" <>
To: "Ant Developers List" <>
Sent: Monday, December 24, 2001 2:02 PM
Subject: RE: CVS Problem [was RE: Ant contributor]

Damn, you're right.  In a fresh directory it works.  What could I
possibly be doing wrong?

The only difference is that with the fresh checkout, there IS no
difference.  But when I submit a file to the differencer that I've
changed, I get this "I know nothing about ..." message.  It sounds like
this error message may be spurious.  Somehow the differencer is getting


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