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From "Steve Cohen" <>
Subject [PATCH] More refactoring of starteam task
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2001 21:45:05 GMT

a) A BuildException is now thrown when checkout fails

b) new usesDefaultFolder property removed and replaced with
targetFolderAbsolute property.  This has the same basic meaning with
sense and default reversed.  I made this change because I came to better
understand the motivation of the earlier functionality.  There are many
different styles of using StarTeam.  One style, not the one I am
familiar with, makes exclusive and consistent use of default folders.
Another style, the one I am used to, does not use default folders, but
allows each developer locally to set up "alternate folders" for
projects.  In this latter scenario, you have to override the unused
default folders in order to create a good tree for an automated build.
Using the other style, it might not be necessary and the old way make
more sense.  Now both styles are supported, and the default is as it
used to be.

c) the big change is a refactoring in how these paths are calculated.
The old code calculated the full local path on every file instead of
taking advantage of the power of the recursive algorithm with which it
was called.  Now both styles of checkout build their target path
recursively as they go, the same way as the checkout is called.  Also, I
am taking much more advantage of as opposed to messy code
paths and delimiters ('\\' or '/') when calculating local paths.

d) a few javadoc comments were fixed as they were throwing warnings.

e) documentation spellchecked and revised.

Finally, looking ahead, can anyone tell me why this task is located in
the "scm" subpackage?  All the other source control systems have ant
tasks in their own folders.  If I decide to add more tasks "check in"
etc., I am going to have to move it and perhaps change the name of the
task, as is done with the other source control systems.

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