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From Paul Spillman - Software Engineer - Sun UK <>
Subject [PATCH] Support for EJB Primary Key class in iPlanet EJBC task
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2001 14:51:27 GMT

The iPlanet ejbc task does not seem to handle the case where you have a
primary key class as a part of your EJB. 

The primary key class does not get added to the list of files to be
added to the ejb-jar file.

For general use in iPlanet this is fine, since iPlanet does not require
the primary key class for an EJB and if one is not present it assumes a
simple String key. However, if you have a non-String key or a multi-part
key, you need the primary key class.

The GenericDeploymentTool class handles the primary key class, but the
IPlanetDeploymentTool class which overrides the generic one does not.

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