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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Ant as coursework
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 20:27:27 GMT
This is funny. Students on an XP dev course at arizona state uni have to
make changes to ant as their coursework, but they get bonus marks if it
makes the distribution:

"The XP project will have your team modify the open source project Ant. Your
team should checkout out the latest CVS source code tree and manage your own
CVS repository for synchronizing changes between developers. Development
should be done in teams as prescribed by the XP process writing user stories
and tests using Junit before writing your code. All artifacts, test cases,
stories, and code, should be managed in CVS. You may format the stories
however you like. You will need to make the following Ant enhancements:
  1.. add an m option to jar task to not create a manifest
  2.. add a jar option to java task to take a jar file.
  3.. add filenames w/ wildcard to unjar and unzip commands
  4.. add -n option to the ant command where ant tells what it will do
without doing it
Further details can be clarified from discussions with your customer (me)
and should be documented in your stories.
You must complete the first 2 changes by October 31st so students in other
classes can use the results. The others can be completed by the end of the
semester (2 rollouts). The 10/31 result will be used by other classes, so
you should plan for bug reports and some ability to make fixes to that
release without disrupting ongoing development. You must also follow the XP
process producing stories and up-front test cases using Junit.

There will be a 5 point bonus to any team who publishes their results back
into the ant distribution (that's 1/2 a letter grade!)."

I am bit unsure about the customer needs here, in the classic tradition of
most management the first task of the students should be to reset their
expectations and come up with some sensible tasks.

We should keep an eye out for patches from students...

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