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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject PROPOSAL: chgrp, chown, chmod, chrights + question ;)
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 22:39:07 GMT
Hi guys (and girls of course..),

I'm about to start with my chgrp, chown and chrights (is chgrp, chown, chmod
combined) again.
The thing I would prefer is that they all move to chrights (so we limit the
tasks a bit), but since backward compatibility is necessary, I could create
the chgrp and chown tasks (simple copies of chmod) and integrate the 3 in
the chrights task.

A couple of questions arise from this :
1) What do you prefer ;))
a) Cool, great idea, make everything
b) Cool, great idea, make everything and deprecate the ch* (even if they are
c) Prefer the chrights and leave the chgrp and chown out.
d) Let's deprecate the chown and go for the chrights

2) If everyone prefers a or c, I would prefer to minimize code and execute
the task chmod/chown/chgrp from the chrights task.
A couple of months ago (yeah i've been busy..) I was looking into to this,
but couldn't find a clean way to do that from my code. Is this possible at
all, or do I have to duplicate the code in the chrights task ?



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