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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: Should ANT2 be ANT3
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 17:24:27 GMT
> > Pros:
> >
> > o I can approach the ANT2 design documents 
> design documents ? we were meant to create design documents? 
> No one told us that ! ;)

LOL :)

> > Cons:
> >
> > o Catch-up time compared with developers who've been following
> > everything and already know the directions.
> this can be alleviated if you just want to focus on a little 
> part at a time. 

Sounds good to me.

> I'm sure people will be happy to point out anything you miss.

No doubt ;)

> > (I've left aside any general pros and cons concerning myself. If you
> > want an example of a project I've worked on in order to 
> check whether I
> > can code at all, you could have a look at
> > if you like. If you 
> don't like
> > my style of coding or whatever, that's fine :)
> server times out ? But I am sure all is good ;)

Hmmm - try if you're

> > (If it's relevant, I'm in the UK. I realise that could have some
> > implications in terms of group communications etc.)
> Im in Australia, I know a few developers are in europe and 
> another few are in the US so it is likely that we will 
> communicate on ant-dev 90% of the time.

Fair enough.

> > Feel free to reply to me directly if you wish, or on the 
> > list otherwise.
> Heres what I will do. As soon as I get some time (maybe 
> Sunday afternoon?) I will write up a list of tasks/objectives 
> that need doing. Some of them will be a bit boring (ie refactoring 
> some of Java/Exec stuff into beans) while 
> some will be a bit more fun (ie create a virtual filesystem 
> layer - possibly based on netbeans stuff) or a bit more thinking 
> (ie how do we design feature X).
> Hopefully I will chuck in enough information that you should 
> be able to get started easily enough. If not feel free to prod us ;) 
> Most of these things will not be controvertial things just a lot of 
> grunt work, experimentation or refactoring. 

They sound like things I might be able to do :)

(For anyone thinking of doing lots of refactoring, btw, I can recommend
Eclipse -

> However you should feel free to;
> * reuse existing work (if you want)
> * throw it all out and start from scratch
> * reuse existing projects (ie VFS from netbeans if it is suitable).
> Anyways most of this stuff should get you started and if you 
> want more - feel free to ask ;)
> I will also try to write up a basic "feel"/guidelines of how 
> tasks will be written in ant2. While this will not be directly 
> relevent in the ant1.x refactoring it will be something useful 
> to keep in mind. That may take a 
> little longer to write up as I are not very good at that ;)

:) It sounds very useful though.

> Anyways if something looks good on the task list and you want 
> to implement it - we will be more than happy to see that happen. 
> This goes the same for everyone else.

That sounds like an excellent way of working flexibly.

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