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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: Should ANT2 be ANT3
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 11:19:23 GMT
> I am more than happy to be one of those 3 people and could 
> put in enough work to get it going - any volunteers for the 
> other two positions ? ;)

I'd like to volunteer in a slightly unusual way. I have a fairly minimal
amount of experience with ANT1, being mostly just a user with a few
build scripts I wrote a while ago and haven't had to touch in ages. I've
contributed a few patches, but nothing earth-shattering. I haven't been
following the ANT2 discussions at all, so far.

Does this make me an ideal candidate or a totally useless one?


o I have no biases (other than any natural ones) for/against any designs
put forward. No political baggage, in other words.

o I can approach the ANT2 design documents in a similar state of
blissful ignorance to that which a new user might have. This may help to
force some clarification of design decisions which have either been
taken but not documented, implicitly assumed (with everyone assuming the
same thing) but not documented, or (worst case) implicitly assumed (with
everyone assuming different things) but not documented.


o Catch-up time compared with developers who've been following
everything and already know the directions.

(I've left aside any general pros and cons concerning myself. If you
want an example of a project I've worked on in order to check whether I
can code at all, you could have a look at if you like. If you don't like
my style of coding or whatever, that's fine :)

I have no problem with not being part of this - I'd be perfectly happy
to wait and "receive" ANT2 with gratitude when it is released. If,
however, you'd like someone with a "clean sheet" perspective on things,
I'm more than happy to help.

(If it's relevant, I'm in the UK. I realise that could have some
implications in terms of group communications etc.)

Feel free to reply to me directly if you wish, or on the list otherwise.

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