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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Immutability improvement patch
Date Sat, 01 Dec 2001 03:32:53 GMT
On Sat, 1 Dec 2001 13:43, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> Well, you got me there!  :)


> How about making Project have another constructor that takes a Hashtable of
> properties to initialize it with?  This would require some refactoring in
> Ant.initializeProject() so that it builds a temporary Hashtable of
> properties and constructs (although the re-working of things might cause
> some issues, not sure) the Project object using the properties constructor
> instead of the empty one.

that sounds good to me ... but then again I am not the most familiar with 
this - Stefan ? Conor ?

> It doesn't seem like a straight-forward one-liner to allow <ant>/<antcall>
> to essentially "override" properties when we don't want Project to allow
> this.... but with a new Project constructor could do the dirty
> work of constructing a list of properties before constructing the Project
> by walking through the ones it wants to carry to the new Ant invocation and
> setting the embedded override ones in a temporary Hashtable first, giving
> precedence to the embedded ones.
> > > I'll go back and check all the e-mails on this topic tomorrow to make
> sure
> > > all the bases have been covered.  The one loose end is that
> getProperties
> > > and getUserProperties return back the actual Hashtable object - so to
> close
> > > that hole we need to make it return a copy instead.  Anyone object to
> that
> > > copy being made and returned?
> >
> > +1 to copy ... is there an actual use case for grabbing all properties
> > anyways?
> How about calls like this:
>     ProjectHelper.replaceProperties(project, msg, project.getProperties());
> (from

we could replace this with 

ProjectHelper.replaceProperties(project, msg)

and let ProjectHelper grab properties out of project. Slightly less coupling. 
Actually I may do this through all the tasks.

> although in this case is there a reason why this substitution isn't done
> before calling addText?  Its done automatically on calls to setXXX methods.

Its an ugly hack from ye-olde days I believe ;)

> Do we not always want property expansion in element text?  I guess <script>
> wouldn't be too happy with that, huh?!  :)


> <junit> uses it to gather the list of properties to put in the output XML
> files.

Someone wanna pretend that I am stupid and explain to me in simple terms why 
this is wanted/desired and what it is used for ?

> Your favorite: <script> uses it to expose properties to the BSF engine.  :)


> And it shows up in a few other places (getProperties, that is).
> getUserProperties is not used except in Ant, Project, and Script, so its
> not a big deal, but it should be cloned also before returning of course.


> I didn't check to see if there is code that is relying on changing a
> property via the handle from getProperties... I sure hope not!

me too ;)

> > BTW could you name your patches something more specific (like
> > immutability.patch) - I got so many patchfile.txts it is not funny ;)
> No problem.  I was just following the rules!

what rules are these? Is it written somewhere? If so I am going to exercise 
my HTML hacking skills ;)

> > BTW2 would you consider making immutability.xml part of a Junit testcase
> > ?
> ;)
> Attached.  I actually attached it to my original message too!  :))

oh ... guess I must have missed that ;)

> Not a problem.... on my to-do list with the WHATSNEW and a few other
> remaining things related to this.  The <antcall> issue is still unresolved
> - hopefully some discussion on that will follow so we can figure out the
> best way to handle it.


> Anyone want to remove Project.unsetProperty?  Or shall I submit a patch for
> that removal too?  :)  Thanks Stefan for refactoring your test case for
> this.

I will remove it if there is no objections ...

> Property immutability.... perhaps it will now be a concrete reality!  :))




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