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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Would it be possible to reuse LGPL code?
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2001 19:49:02 GMT

Perhaps this has been asked and answered - but I couldn't
get a definite statement by looking up the archives:

I am planning on creating an abstract class named Unpack 
from which currently available task GUnzip would extend.
In addition, I am planning to add a new task called BUnzip2 whch would again extend from Unpack.
I am planning to create Pack, make GZip extend from it 
and also create a new task called BZip2, again extending
from Pack.

Being lazy, I sought for some Java code implementing
the BZip2 (libbzip2) algorithm. 

I did find it implemented, though under LGPL at:

I find that 4 classes in this product are particularly
attractive for reuse.  I have shot off an e-mail to 
the author asking to relax the license so that we give
proper credits to him while using the code under 
ASF's license.  Meanwhile, I am wondering what are the
alternatives we have, given such a situation, other than
re-coding.  For example, how did we get access to the 
tar utils, which seems to have been under GPL earlier?
Did we get it by lobbying with the author?

In summary, can some of you License Gurus please guide 
me on what steps I can/need to take next?


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