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From Peter Donald <>
Subject [RT] Ant toolbox/toolchest
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2001 10:14:50 GMT

Over the last year I have been put in the position of teaching people how to 
use ant and related infrastructure a few times. Each time I do this I end up 
creating a zip file that contains the latest ant release + a few other 
projects that we integrate with ant. 

Currently Ant is a PITA to setup with somethings. Because the tasks are not 
installed with the actual tools (but instead in optional.jar) you end up 
having to drop the tools into ant/lib.

Anyways this distribution ends up almost always containing the same things.  
So what would everyone creating a similar toolbox and distribute from Apache. 
We would have to be careful about abiding by the licenses but as most of the 
things I am thinking of are relatively free (Apache, BSDL, IBM or BSD 
licensed) this should be doable. 

Anyways I wasthinking about chucking the latest versions of all the following 
into such a distribution.

* Ant 
* JUnit (unit testing tool)
* JDepend (metrics generation and analysis tool)
* JRefactory (part of it is a pretty printer for javacode)
* ChangeLog task from Alexandria
* Perhaps recently announced Imporyscrubber
* Perhaps BSF + scripting engine impl

I am sure there are other tools out there that other people use 

All of these tools do well if integrated into build process. We could add an 
example build file that gave an example of how to use it all together.

If we wanted to allow native stuff in there we could even chuck in tools such 
as cvs.exe or whatever in win32 version. There may be other things we could 
integrate (unfortunately not SSH due to export restrictions).

Anyways this would all be packaged up in one nice download with a bit of 
extra docuemtnation and an example - thoughts?



Clarke's Third Law: "Any technology distinguishable from 
magic is insufficiently advanced".

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