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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: Should ANT2 be ANT3
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 12:23:55 GMT
From: "Jon Skeet" <>

> > No one is advocating to sell (or promote it) as ANT2. It is 
> > just ANT1 Version 2.0.
> > ANT2 is a project, a code name if you want. 
> > We should not confuse that with release numbers.
> Does that mean you're happy with Sun's naming of "Java2" as meaning
> "JDK1.2 or higher"? It's caused a lot of confusion to others, and I
> think we'd see similar confusion if ANT2 isn't Ant V2.x.

So, what you are saying is that: had we refered to ANT2 as "NEW ANT" or
"ANT-NG(next generation)" or "FIRE-ANT" or whatever else, it would had been fine,
but just because more than a year ago we started using ANT2 as the moniker
for "the new ANT architecture" then we are now stuck on 1.x until we deliver that.

Does this really makes any sense? What is there for advance research, do you mean to say
that an Apache group cannot think on two or three product generations for now?
Are we condemed to only look one major release ahead?

If the arguments were that the "Rearchitected ANT" can be out soon and that
the list is ready to make it happen quickly, then I may agree or disagree but
understand the possition, but to object because of what in escense is PR,
I really really think it is sad.

Jose Alberto

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