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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Immutability improvement patch
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 03:08:31 GMT
Well, here it is, the patch I worked myself into by bringing up the
immutability issues.

I would love to add <available> to this patch - just say the word!  :)

The warning messages probably aren't as big and bold as Peter had requested,
so feel free to modify them to your liking.

Not that much code changed, and my test cases should exercise things

I think I've taken care of all the tasks that we mentioned - and because
setProperty was modified to issue a warning when a property override occurs,
the tasks that still call setProperty (like <junit>) will get that message
when overriding a property (but not otherwise).

I'll go back and check all the e-mails on this topic tomorrow to make sure
all the bases have been covered.  The one loose end is that getProperties
and getUserProperties return back the actual Hashtable object - so to close
that hole we need to make it return a copy instead.  Anyone object to that
copy being made and returned?


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