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From "Erich K. Oliphant" <>
Subject Re: Problem executing files w/ sticky bit set [update]
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 16:08:51 GMT
Just noticed that I botched my post.  The "normal" perms I mention should
read "-rwxr-xr-x"...

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From: Erich K. Oliphant <>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 10:47 AM
Subject: Problem executing files w/ sticky bit set

Didn't know which list this belonged to, so I posted to both.

I am writing a custom task to compile Progress 4GL code on Solaris 8.  I
kept getting these weird IOException's, <executable path> not found.
First I thought I'd mistyped the path but a ls -l on a cut and paste of the
executable path confirmed that I was using the correct path.  Did a little
more poking around and noticed that the file in question has "-rwsr-xr-x"
permissions and is owned by root.  Files in the same directory w/ the normal
"-rwsr-xr-x" perms work fine from my task.  I am running as the "progress"
user.  I can execute this program from the command line as the progress use
w/ no problem.

I'm admittedly a little fuzzy on the use of the sticky bit and this may be a
due to my lack of UNIX godliness as opposed to an Ant issue but any input
would be greatly welcomed.


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