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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] ant task with (nested) fileset(s)
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2001 12:27:12 GMT
From: "Peter Donald" <>

> > Where is the templating capability? We cannot keep on vetoing proposals
> > because templating is considered to be the right solution, and then do
> > nothing about providing the templates.
> who said we have done nothing. I know I have provided at least 5 different 
> possible implementations, each testing different features. Some good, some 
> bad.

Maybe is because it was over a year ago, or something. Can you please point me
to those implementations of *templates* (or on the archives)? I have noticed
many of your proposals in other matters of ANT2 but I do not remember much
about *specifics* with respect to templates.

> > I would like to see how these templates get described, how can I specify
> > thingd like *iterating over files* using them. How easy or difficult they
> > are to write, and more important how understandable is what the user
> > actually writes and needs to maintain.
> and you have ... how many times in the past? 

As I said, where are they. If this is a sleeping thread for a year lets revive it
and really see what you are proposing with real test cases to talk about.

I would like to see:

(1) How to write <foreach> functionality over a fileset (or equivalent).
(2) How to write <javaon> functionality.
(3) How to write new pseudo-tasks that are defined as the sequential
     execution of existing tasks with ways to pass arguments.
(4) How the whole thing can be invoked toguether. Is it more that 
        ant -f buildfile target
how much more or different would it be?

> > In the mean time more and more people go on using things like the
> > <foreach> task, which they have to fetch from somewere else.
> and ...

It means we will not be able to just tell people to abandon it and go change
everything nor just tell them "sorry you should have waited until we made
our minds". The longer the wait the larger the headache will be.

Jose Alberto

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