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From Craeg K Strong <>
Subject Re: disregard my FileUtils patch
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2001 22:22:07 GMT
Bill Burton wrote:

>Craeg K Strong wrote:
>>One case you may not have considered is that of emulation environments:
>> Under Cygwin in
>>Windows, one can use UNIX-style file system names.  Cygwin is quite
>>popular, but I
>>am sure there are other such environments (for example, VMware)....
>In the case of Cygwin, this is a non issue because the JVM isn't built
>against the Cygwin libraries.  As a result, it has no knowledge of the
>Cygwin UNIX-like path enhancements but can only understand what it already
>knows about paths under Windows
Of course you're right, but nevertheless there may be an issue.  I have 
not tested
this lately (we have been moving away from Cygwin/win32 in favor of Linux)
but I believe if you run ant from a bash shell under Cygwin on windows,
you get a different value from "" than you do if you run ant from 
a DOS box.  

Can someone with access to a Cygwin/Windoze box verify this?    
I want to make sure I wasn't under the influence of too many
chocolate-covered espresso beans! :-)


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