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From Craeg K Strong <>
Subject Re: disregard my FileUtils patch
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 21:33:50 GMT
Jeff Tulley wrote:

>Now, I'm wondering about some basic functionality here that I might be misunderstanding.
 Are resolveFile and normalize supposed to be able to handle all three types of file system
names, "/usr/bin", "c:\temp", and "sys:/tmp" while executing on any given system, or is it
ok for "sys:/tmp" to be handled only when executing on NetWare, or "c:\temp" to be handled
when executing on Windows, etc?  If I need to handle everything on every system, then I'll
have to refactor resolveFile and normalize a whole lot more.  The going assumption used to
be that if it contained a ":" as the second character, that was automatically a windows path.
 Things get a little more complicated for general support if that colon can move to later
in the string and still represent a valid "drive" name.(really, a NetWare volume).
One case you may not have considered is that of emulation environments: 
 Under Cygwin in
Windows, one can use UNIX-style file system names.  Cygwin is quite 
popular, but I
am sure there are other such environments (for example, VMware)....



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