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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [Ant2] scoping of properties
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2001 21:44:32 GMT
On Mon, 22 Oct 2001 01:25, Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> > A Workspace contains Projects. So if a property is shared between all
> > these projects it is in the Workspace scope. However if you are trying to
> > treat Targets as methods then it makes less sense - but that is not the
> > type of interpretation we want to support anyways so no loss there.
> This is actually what I am against, the concept of some global space that
> allow things to communicate by side effect. 

who saids the scope will be writeable ?

> > > Well, if you look at some ot the other proposals for scoping rules, you
> > > see two things floatings around: mutability and global properties. Both
> > > are there as a way for people to do something in an <ant> call and
> > > obtain results by global side effects. Now, if there is an actual need
> > > for being able to retrieve information from subordinate build processes
> > > <returns> is much more modular than global variables.
> >
> > Again - treating targets as methods is not and nor will ever be -
> > recomended or supported behaviour.
> From the buildfile for ANT:
>   <target name="main"
>           description="--> creates a minimum distribution in ./dist">
>     <antcall inheritAll="false" target="dist-lite"/>
>   </target>

And tell me - how many times have the committers stated that they hate this? 
or that this is an ugly hack ?

> The truth of the matter is that <ant> and <antcall> are method calls
> or (procedure calls, strictly speaking).
> They pass arguments (by value), they create a new environment in
> the stack, they execute "code", and the environment is released at
> the end. And more to the point, people use it that way.
> I do not see how you plan to unsupport its ussage.

yes ... and you do it by choice. 



 These aren't the droids you're 
 looking for. Move along. 

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