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From David Sitsky <>
Subject [PATCH] Suggestion for <ant> task
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2001 23:29:46 GMT

I have a project which consist of many modules, where often each module 
have similar build files with similar target names, and many consist of 
further sub-modules, with their own build files.

When I build the entire project, ant just prints out the target names, but 
gives no indication as to which build file the target it is executing is 
located.  As a result, the output from a build consists of a long list of 
target names.

The simple patch attached changes the <ant> task so that before calling a 
target in another Project, it does a log() to indicate which target and 
buildfile it is about to call, and the number of <ant> nesting levels it 
is currently at.  It also does a log() when the target called has 

This is similar logging as to what GNU make does when it calls make 

For large builds, I find this extremely useful as it tells me what 
buildfile is currently being called.  This also helps identifying build 
problems quicker, as the calling history is there in the output.  It may 
also quickly show build file dependency problems too, as it is easier to 
understand what buildfile is being called from where.

Anyway, its a very minor patch, and adds little real output.  What do 
people think?  I've found it to provide useful info.  Happy to be told 
otherwise though! :)


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