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From "Craig Campbell" <>
Subject RE: status on antidote
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 18:51:28 GMT
I was wondering why the version of Antidote that I pulled from CVS wasn't printing the tag
or attribute names of the properties, targets, or tasks that I wanted to create.  All that
seemed to be printed out was the value of the attribute.  I did some looking around and have
a patch for that if one does not already exist.  Please let me know if you are interested.
 The line changes are indicated below along with the module that was changed:
protected void writeNode(DataWriter w, Node node)
            throws SAXException {
        Attributes attrs = new NamedDOMNodeMap(_factory,  node.getAttributes() ).convertToAttributes();
        String uri = (node.getNamespaceURI() == null) ? "" : node.getNamespaceURI();
        String name = (node.getNodeName() == null) ? "" : node.getNodeName(); //Added
        String localname = (node.getLocalName() == null) ? name : node.getLocalName(); //Added
name inplace of ""
        String prefix = (node.getPrefix() == null) ? "" : node.getPrefix();
        String value = (node.getNodeValue() == null) ? "" : node.getNodeValue();
        if (node.hasChildNodes()) {
            writeNodeStart (w, node, node.getNodeType(), uri, localname, prefix, attrs, value);
            internalWrite(w, node.getFirstChild());
            writeNodeStop (w, node, node.getNodeType(), uri, localname, prefix);
        } else {
            writeNode (w, node, node.getNodeType(), uri, localname, prefix, attrs, value);
Same line fix to NamedDOMNodeMap.convertAttributes();
If you already have a fix, great!  Also if there is other things you would rather I did please
let me know.  Otherwise I will continue to follow the TODO file list.

>>> 09/05/01 03:16AM >>>
Hi Craig!

> I am curious about the status of the gui interface to ant 
> - antidote?  I have been developing an automated build 
> environment for serveral months before I was introduced 
> to Ant.  The goal of my build envirnoment was to help the
> "non-developer" build >and maintain modules written by 
> others.  In other words make it visual.  I have enjoyed 
> Ant thouroghly and was investigating incorporating it
> into my application.  That is when I found out about
> Antidote.  However, I have noticed that it has not
> been updated recently.  Is there a way that I can 
> work with the engineers to help move it along?
> Thanks,
> Craig Campbell

There are some reasons, that Antidote isn't ready, yet. One is, that it
seems, that the original developer Simeon Fitch has left us. Another reason
is that there has been a big discurrion regarding Ant 2.0 - The Ant API will
be incompatible to 1.x, so...

There are 2 more or less active Antidote committers: Nick Davis and I. If
you want to contribute: Feel free to. IMO there are just 10% needed to make
Antidote ready for a 1.0 version to run with Ant 1.4.


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