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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Script enhancement to standardize the "project" object exposed
Date Sun, 30 Sep 2001 10:35:35 GMT
[culled from multiple e-mails from Peter Donald ]

> BTW Sam whats the status of BSF -> Apache move?

Bill Stoddard is championing this one.  Unfortunately, the IBM lawyer
drafted up a new transfer of ownership agreement which raised the hackles
of the Apache board.  He needs to work back with the lawyer to go back to
the type of agreement used for Xalan, Xerces, and the like.  The reason
that this is going so slow is simply that Bill is pursuing this in his
"spare" time.  If there were an urgent need expressed, I'm confident he
would bump its priority in the queue.

> Hmmm - I thought you could access java objects directly in BSF. Something
> like prefixing it with "java." or similar.

Netscape's implementation of JavaScript allows access to Java objects by
prefixing with "package.".

> Tasks are different. The majority of tasks used by the majority of users are
> controlled by ant-dev. Thus the users of ant rarely have to be aware of
> changes in underlying system. The contract is at the XML representation level
> rather than at the code level.

Be careful not to confuse cause and effect.  Project specific tasks are too
dang hard to write (IMHO), so people don't.  This is something that should
be corrected (IMHO) in future versions of Ant, not propagated.

- Sam Ruby

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