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From (Edson Alves Pereira)
Subject RE: Re: Ant and FileSystem
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 12:54:27 GMT
Hello folks, i´ve just testing Ant1.4Beta2 and this kind of error don´t happen anymore.

  With best wishes,
  Edson Alves Pereira

Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:

>On Tue, 04 Sep 2001, Alejandro Abdelnur <>
>> i've run into a similar problem in the ant's antfile, the problem
>> appears to be a bug in the method in the
>> windows platform.
>Judging from your patch I assume that you think File.isAbsolute()
>should return true for \temp on Windows, right?
>>From the javadocs of File:
>>> An absolute pathname is complete in that no other information is
>>> required in order to locate the file that it denotes.
>with this definition, I think you are wrong.
>A completely different issue is whether FileUtils.normalize() should
>treat \temp the same way it treats an absolute path (it does) - I'm
>not sure as I cannot really see all consequences here.
>In which situation would a Windows user (I'm not part of that
>community, so I don't really know) use \temp instead of C:\temp?
>> i think the place to add this workaround is the
>> FileUtils.normalize() method,
>I think it already treats paths starting with File.separator as
>absolute paths.  Looks as if <ant> should use
>FileUtils.resolveFile(dir, antfile) in its execute method.
>> then the ant.setAntfile() method should be retrofitted to use the
>> normalized (similarly any other attribute that expects a file name).
>Most tasks have setters that expect a File argument when they expect
>filenames - these setters will receive File instances that went
>through FileUtils.normalize (via FileUtils.resolveFile) automatically.
Well done is better than well said 

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