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From Gautam Guliani <>
Subject [PATCH] Java2 style auth for
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 18:55:51 GMT

	Attached is a patch to enable Http Basic Auth for the Get task.
Example usage:
(in your build.xml)

     <get src="http://some/protected/url/document.html"
       username="joeblow" password="supersecret" dest="document_local.html" />

Only Java 2 is supported (using JDK 1.2's Authenticator mechanism). If 
there is a huge demand for 1.1 style auth (which I didn't think there would 
be), I can add it.

It's been tested against latest copy of ant (downloaded from CVS today) on 
Win 2k
with java versions 1.2.2_008 and 1.3

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