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From Alejandro Abdelnur <>
Subject ant's Main class and its start() method
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2001 06:51:07 GMT

the Main class provides a start() method, its javadoc comment states
"Entry point allowing for more options from other front ends".

but the fact that within the method it calls System.exit (with 0 or 1
depending of the outcome of the build) it makes the jvm end, if being
called from "other front ends" it kills the front end.

i've solved this problem by adding a parameter to the start() method, a
boolean, that indicates if the the System.exit should be called or not,
also wrapped the System.exit calls with an if using the boolean
parameter as condition.

the main() method invokes the start() method with the boolean set to

please consider adding this change to the next release of ant.

i've created a MainSh class that acts as primitive shell for ant, the
main benefit over invoking ant from the os command line is that it keeps
the jvm running between ant calls, thus skipping the jvm initialization
and class loading times. i've attached the code of this shell in case
somebody is interested in it (it requires the change described above in
the Main class)

thxs and regards.

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