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From Alejandro Abdelnur <>
Subject embedded (or nested) properties
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2001 23:41:47 GMT
hi folks,

in a previous email i've suggested an enhancement to the property task,
adding an "eval" attribute to do resolve property names on the fly.

somebody (stephane baillez) replied asking if what i meant was nested
properties evaluation, yeap that was what i was after.

i've modified the replaceProperties method from the class of Ant1.4B2 to support nested

for example:

        <property name="a" value="A"/>
        <property name="c" value="C"/>
        <property name="bC" value="BC"/>
        <property name="aBC" value="ABC"/>

        <echo message="${a${b${c}}}"/>

resolves to "ABC"

interested in integrating this into ant's code base ?

i'm not familiar with the dynamic of this alias (just joined last week).
i've already sent an email with some suggestions for enhancements, a couple
of you replied but not closure was given to it.

is there any proposal process i'm not aware of ?

thxs and regards.


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