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From Weiqi Gao <>
Subject includes, excludes, etc.: Attributes vs. Elements?
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2001 13:17:35 GMT

Here's an Ant question I'm not sure what the correct answer is:

I believe the answer to the question is that all PatternSet related
behavior of Ant tasks are inherited from the MatchingTask class,
therefore they all behave exactly the same as far as the five PatternSet
attributes are concerned.  I.e., they all have the five attributes, and
they all allow the five elements, each one possibly appearing multiple

This might be an over simplification as I regularly uses only the javac

I would appreciate it if anyone can either validate the above or provide
a better answer to the question.

> I am seeing that a LOT of the Ant tasks have
> these five Patternset attributes:
>   includes
>   includesfile
>   defaultexcludes
>   excludes
>   excludesfile
> The user manual lists these as attributes,
> and also lists these corresponding nested elements
> for "some" Ant tasks, but not others:
>  <includes>, <includesfile>, etc...
> My question is simple. Whenever a task
> supports the standard five PatternSet attributes,
> is it also safe to assume that the nested
> elements work as well? I'm not sure why the
> Ant manual lists these nested elements as
> allowable content in some tasks, but not
> others. Maybe they only work as attributes
> in some cases.
> Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Weiqi Gao

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