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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Patch Audit
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2001 07:36:00 GMT
Thanks for that big effort Conor.

Let me go through the list from top to bottom:

* <fail> with if/unless 

I first had to look up the reason why I did not commit it.  OK, it was
consistency and I pointed to the more general task level if/unless
attribute vote that has been going on at that time.  Task level
if/unless attributes have been rejected (because nobody wanted them,
not because anybody had given it a -1).

I mentioned the <condition> task which is now there.  Peter now talks
about an if task instead of task level if/unless attributes, well,
that's almost trivial to do now, just combine ConditionBase and

Seems like Peter has mad up his mind about certain control-flow
features that have been rejected for Ant2 as much as I have about
certain other parts of it (I'd be willing to accept a <foreach> task
based on TaskContainer).  Let's sort that out once again, but don't
hold up the release for this.

Promise to write shorter answers for the rest 8-)

* Single File in FileSet

Does work today, doesn't it?

* Callback in <copy>

I have some problems to see the motivation, at least after you've
introduced filtersets.

* Regex Replace task

Yes, I agree we should have one - but I wanted to base it on the regex
interface I had built for the regex-mapper stuff to make the task work
with ORO, jakarta-regexp or JDK 1.4.  Call it a pet project of mine.
As I've never found the time to adapt the stuff, I could live with one
of the tasks being committed and work on it later.

Question remains whether we wanted to extend <replace> or make it a
completely new task.  Could wait until after the release IMHO, but I
wouldn't veto it either.

* Concatenate task

I would consider this the prime example of "learn to write your own
Ant task, lesson 1".  No real opinion.

* Unix utilities

Very specific - given that Ant cannot detect symlinks when deleting
stuff, making it create them could get us in serious trouble.  Let's
wait with this, especially since Martin his pulled back his tasks.

* Ask for properties

We need a more general solution than simply reading from,
I'd rather wait with this.

* Weblogic JSPC         

No opinion

* FTP Updates

Either they are bugfixes, in which case they should be applied or have
already been addressed.

* wait

No - terminating tasks should be the responsibility of the container,
so I'd rather see that added to <parallel>.

* making DirectoryScanner statics public


I'd like to rework the whole FileSet/DirectoryScanner interaction
after the release of 1.4 (taking ideas from the culler proposal and
other stuff accepted for Ant2) - making stuff public now, that we may
remove sooner or later is a bad thing IMHO.

* Weblogic RMIC

-1, I think all we need is there behind the <rmic> facade.

* Exec with detach

+1 - but could wait until after the release.  We'll have to see
whether a set of patches can make <exec> and <java> consistent or
whether we need to role our own for one part of it.

* Case sensitivity in filesets

Actually, I think it should apply to patternset, not fileset.  +0 but
after the release.

* OS/2 scripts

Must have missed them, +1 and now.

* doc updates for antlr

+1 on all documentation updates - now.

* <exec> with working dirs

Already addressed?

* Alternative <javac>s

kjc is in (I committed the bugzilla version, that also contained gjc
support).  sj support looks trivial, commit now IMHO (I'll do it).

* jni c

I'd rather wait for the <cc> stuff, after the release.

* equal task

is there via <condition>.

* Ant shell

(oh my, is this list long)

Should be a separate frontend, I see serious problems with statics and
missing cleanups and all that - to dangerous to commit before the beta
build as it will need very extensive testing.

* Precompile

couldn't find it, sorry.

* internal targets

-1 - next would be targets that may be invoked from other build files
but not from the command line, then ...

* FTP tests

If you look at the patch, you'll see it it incomplete.  David promised
to hand them over after reworking some of them, i.e. I tried to commit
it a few months ago ;-)

* Cullers

rethink and rework after the release

* Bean generator

too specific IMHO.

* DDCreator bug

Bugs should be fixed 8-)

* uptodate

Superseded by condition

* <get> improvements

revoked by Steve

* Diff task

Make that a condition - after the release.

* enhanced propertyfile

+1 but could wait.

* command line arguments

-1 - Ant shouldn't be a shell script replacement, give names to your

* foreach

has been -1ed several times.

* cvs news

I considered that superseded by the changelog task in Alexandria.

* File contents as a replace value

prpertyFile attribute of <replace> can be used to do that, even if in
an unconvenient way - low priority IMHO.

* iPlanet AppServer

No real opinion.

* fileset and not-existing dirs

part (1) has been addressed, I don't think I like part (2).

* IONA idl

Sounds very specific, but could be a starting point for a more generic
task, just like ejbjar started as a very specific thing.  No real

* JUnitReport encoding

supposed to be addressed.

* Unix man pages

Who wants to keep them up to date?  Not me, I'd rather point to the
Debian package.

* Ejbjar patches

Bugs should be fixed.

* Attrib task

equal rights to chmod, I simply cannot test it.

* test skeleton generator

I have some problems with the motivation, as you write tests first,
don't you?  OK, not before the release.

* propagation of filters and references

Need to get our concept clear, big backwards compatibility problems -1.

* New clearcase tasks

As with most stuff I cannot test myself - I wait for feedback of other
users and haven't seen any.  Not before the release.

* C/C++

still to be submitted in combined form

* lightweight antcall

couldn't find that patch

* J2EE deploy

No real opinion.

* User input to property

Hasn't that been there way above?

* fixcrlf warn mode

Could wait, but is OK.

* OS specific properties

There are several other ways to do that. -1

* Jikes on MacOS X

I've already committed that one.

* Multiple targets in mapper

Part of <dependset> - not much value as an independent patch.

* Jasper compiler

Would love to combine one of the submissions with wljspc to a single
one, after the release.

* lazy classloading

I'm fine with the changes to project, but not with the changes to
<ant>, as they will lose class loader information for custom taskdefs.

* stream pumper input

Didn't really test it, and needs to be reconsidered for the
multithreading stuff, delay to after the release.

* thread safe XML logger

+1 and now.

* missing file in filterfile

cannot find that patch

* Additional PVCS ops

No real opinion, see my comments on the clearcase tasks.

* dependset


Seems to be simple and straight forward, so it could go in before the
release IMHO.

* description element

+1 and almost trivial, so could go in now.


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