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From Jérôme Lacoste <>
Subject RE: New Webpage (suggestions)
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2001 18:02:07 GMT
> Perhaps this should be an enhancement request to Bugzilla, but
> each bug area ...

I completely agree on that. The first times I've used this query page it
looked too complex to me.
I think it is most often better the minimal way: you just look for some
text. You don't even specify the platform, or anything.
Most of the time, the search will be good enough if you use the right
keywords. That's what search engines do.
Then if you have too many results you can refine it using a refine page (I
think Micrsoft search pages are built like that. Why not take their(?)
good(?) ideas?). If you don't have any you can go back or specify a more
complex request.

One has to remember that if any of the steps looks too complex, people will
either skip it, or worse, stop their search and not report the problem.


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