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From Jérôme Lacoste <>
Subject RE: Reminder: [SUBMIT] Attr, a chmod equivalent for Windows
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 20:38:19 GMT
> Maby a misunderstanding here.. I'm not doubting that there should be an
> attrib task..
> I was refering to Mathew's question : (at least my interpration of it ) is
> it tested on a linux (or other non windows box) and does it actually skip
> the task?


I do not have a Linux box at hand here. Perhaps someone can test it for me.
Within the code of the submission, there is a isValidOs() method
implementation. I don't know if it requires something else. I had just added
some functionality to the original submission.

For people used to not-cross platform tasks, one can probably quickly find
what misses from the submission
( so that Ant
does not try to use it on non-Windows platform.



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