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From "Thomas Leonhardt" <>
Subject Problem with optional task: JavaCC
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 12:18:55 GMT
If I read the source of the javacc task correctly,
the file JAVACC.ZIP should be added to the classpath but when
the creation of the command line is finished no -classpath
parameter was added. The problem seems to be located in the class
CommandlineJava. Which contains the folowing line

  Path fullClasspath = classpath != null ?
classpath.concatSystemClasspath("ignore") : null;

After that the variable fullClasspath is never set to contain the contents
the attribute classpath. To me that doesn't make much sense.

Any hints?

The other thing is that the javacc task asumes the JAVACC.ZIP file to be
located in
the javacc home directory which isn't the case for the default isntallation.
there seems to be no parameter to set the right location. Even if there were
because of the above problem it wouldn't matter.

Thanks, Thomas

Thomas Leonhardt          email
TU Darmstadt              WWW
FG Praktische Informatik  phone  +49 / (0)6151 / 16 - 5313
Wilhelminenstr. 7         fax    +49 / (0)6151 / 16 - 5472
D-64283 Darmstadt

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