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Subject [Beta1] Problem with ant.bat
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 16:11:28 GMT
During the build of the beta1 I found a problem with 
the new ant.bat.

The classpath I use for building contains directory names 
with spaces which are enclosed by quotes 
(like in CLASSPATH=dir_a;"dir b";dir_c)

The ant.bat encloses the LOCALCLASSPATH in quotes, too,
which leads to a java command to execute Ant like:
java -classpath "...\ant.jar;dir_a"dir b";dir_c" -D...
which is interpreted by java to execute the class b";dir_c"
with the classpath "...\ant.jar;dir_a"dir.

As this worked in 1.3 I reverted some changes,
The diff file is attached. The space/quote handling
seems to be quite tricky, so I hope this
doesn't break other cases.


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