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From "Craeg K. Strong" <>
Subject SAX/XMLParser Questions
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 18:33:24 GMT
Has anyone noticed while compiling the ant source files (with a SAX2 
parser in
your classpath) the large number of deprecated SAX1 methods in use?    

Has anyone tried to add support for XML Catalogs to their local version 
of Ant?
[Catalogs provide support for entity resolution so for example your XML
editor can always find your DTD files whether you are on or off-line--

These two issues have prompted me to ask about the future plans for SAX2 
and JAXP support in ant.

Today, ant requires a JAXP-compatible SAX parser in order to run (see 
line 438,

Is there a significant reason to maintain backwards compatibility for 
SAX1 in light of the above?

I.e., what is more likely, that someone is going to write a JAXP adaptor 
to their SAX1-only XML parser
or that they are simply going to upgrade to a new SAX2-compliant and 
JAXP-compliant parser?

Put another way, when do you think would be an appropriate time to start 
patching the ant
source to use newer/non-deprecated SAX2 APIs?

Would anyone have an objection to upgrading 
taskdefs/optional/ to use JAXP?

What about adding support for optionally registering XML Catalogs for 
entity resolution?

Thoughts, anyone?


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