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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Logo Decision process
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 06:44:07 GMT
Feel free, to arrange groups, then! I do NOT want to have the responsibility
for the groups. Generally I'd -0 the group-topic for I have some concerns,
but I do not veto at all!

One thing is important to me: We should speed up with the decision project,
to make shure, that we do not lose the logo contributers, because they might
think, that we aren't interested in a logo anymore! An IMHO we need these
contributers after we decided on a logo, because we might need other
versions of the logo: smaller, bigger version, "build by" versions,
vectoriced versions for beeing printed in mags or adds or apache-T-shirts
;-) and version I can't think of ATM!


> From: Jose Alberto Fernandez []
> > From: Christoph Wilhelms []
> >
> > Regarding the families of logos:
> > In some cases its easy to find groups, but in some it isn't.
> > I really do not
> > want to decide to group them... For instance there are 2
> > similar logos with
> > gray and red and a big ANT on it (from Rubus). I really like
> > the first one,
> > but dislike the second one. what vote should i give, if they
> > are in the same
> > family! Due to that reason I'd -0.5 the "families-idea"
> I do not see the problem you have with the family round of 
> votes. What has
> been suggested is to have a first round where we pick a 
> family and then a
> second round to pick ONE of the logos from the winning 
> family. A family will
> be constitutes only by logos of the same submitter that have SMALL
> variations between them (colors, additional text, etc). There 
> are several
> logos that can be easily cathegorized that way.

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