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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Logo Decision process
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2001 09:47:37 GMT
Hi again!

All your concerns and remarks are right, includingthe requirements Pete
remarked, but I think that it should be possible to make a decision kind of
"quickly", now that we have such a huge amount of Logo-Proposals.

Regarding single remarks:
Pete: IMO the requirements should have been written down BEFORE the proposal
phase (this is similar to the Ant 2 Proposal thing last autumn ;-)), but now
(and thats unlike the case from last fall) everybody can look at the
proposals and see every proposal completely easyly and with all advantages
and disadvantages, so everybody can decide for him/herself, if a logo
matches common or personal requirement! Regarding the
black/grayscale-printable version: It should be able to produce such a
version based of nearly every of the proposals.

Regarding the Yahoo-Group thing:
As you pointed out, I am asking for work ;-) - not really! If somebody has
experience with it, feel free to set one up and just tell me, how to use it!
I'd +1 that without any concern!

Regarding more then one vote each:
We have so many NICE Logo-Proposals, that it is not easy for me to decide on
a single one! I think everybody thinks similar here, so I'd really allow
everyone to give up to 3 votes on 3 different logos.

Regarding the families of logos:
In some cases its easy to find groups, but in some it isn't. I really do not
want to decide to group them... For instance there are 2 similar logos with
gray and red and a big ANT on it (from Rubus). I really like the first one,
but dislike the second one. what vote should i give, if they are in the same
family! Due to that reason I'd -0.5 the "families-idea"

Ok, that all for know! Thoughts?
I'd stick to the process I defined earlyier, just that we should replace the
mail-account thing with a yahoo-group!


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