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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject RE: Reminder: [SUBMIT] Attr, a chmod equivalent for Windows
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 13:18:49 GMT

This hasn't been a real problem in the past. Just that it is not enough to
announce something and submit something. Usually you have to bug the
committers a little bit, because many things that "want" to go into the
source tree have to be discusses. IIRC there hasn't been a big discussion on
these filesystem tasks for Windoze and Unix.

Another reason why you probably did not get a response to your submit is,
that has been overseen (with or without purpose), because of other things to
do, or not feeling responsible. Why should a Windows developer deal with
Unix tasks and otherway round. Next thing is, that you must find the time to
test things, before you commit them. My current work does not leave me much
time for that.

Again: If you really want you code to be submitted, don't stop bugging the
comitters and give them good reasos to test and commit your stuff - that's
the way it works - or at least worked, up to now!


> maby you don't have that problem, since you have 
> commit access. If invested time isn't "appreciated" 
> then I don't invest any more time, unless I am
> convinced something actually happens with it.. (even 
> a -1 would be ok for me..). That is excpected 
> feedback for projects that are actively asking to
> get involved..
> If you say it isn't a waste of time, please let me 
> know how getting stuff into ant actually works 
> (not talking about patches..), so we are clear on
> that (1 month before going beta we look at all new 
> submissions or something
> like that?).
> Martin
> > > that's the reason I stopped submitting stuff.. 
> > > It never ends up the source tree anyway.. 
> > > (added a chown chgrp and chrights (all 3 
> > > combined)), but never heard something again..
> >
> > That is your choice.
> >
> > Conor

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