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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: <script> needs a classpath param
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2001 20:35:42 GMT
> > [... <script> similarities to <junit> ... ]

> In the <script> case, you'll have to make sure that you load the task
> itself, BSF and the language specific parser via the same classloader
> and also load all utility classes your scripts need via this one,
> right?

Yup.  I kinda figured that tools/lib/scriptlib/ sould be a good place to instruct the Ant
user to
place bsf.jar, js.jar, netrexx.jar (etc).  Some fileset based classload of those jars in addition
to the user chosen classes (to be invoked from the script language) would be the best thing.

> Do you know whether BSF supports context classloaders?

Not sure ... Sam Ruby - do you know the answer to this?

> > We need some forking thing like javac & java
> Would probably work, yes.

But would not allow interaction with the ant project (re .addTask() in the <script>

> > .. OR .. bsf.jar is not added to the general classpath by lcp.bat
> > and is implicitly added in "Path createClasspath() {}".

> I'd rather put some extensive comments in the documentation that
> explain how to set up an envirionment like this, than to modify the
> wrapper scripts to deal with bsf.jar in a separate way.


Regards - Paul H
CVS -1, Perforce +1

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