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From Peter Donald <>
Subject [OT] Working around CVS?
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 09:58:18 GMT

I have to prefix this "I am a CVS weenie so don't shoot me". For 
experimenting with different ideas for Ant2 I have wanted to do this a few 
times but never figured out a nice way of doing it. 

I want to take a file v1.0 from Ant1 CVS and copy it to destination X. Then I 
apply diffs that bring it into line with Ant2. Anytime changes occur in Ant1 
version of class I want to create a patch/diff file that shows the changes 
between Ant1 v1.0 and Ant2 HEAD, copy Ant1 v1.1 file to X and then reapply 
patch to bring it to Ant2 HEAD.

I suspect you could do this if Ant1 and Ant2 were branches (thought I haven't 
looked) however I can not find any information for doing this between 
separate directories. 

Considering this is such a simple requirement for a RC system I figure CVS 
should do it - right? ;) So would some one be able to point me to a place 
where I can RTFM ? ;)


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